One part math, one part spiritual, one part mystery, a total solar eclipse is a phenomenon you’d be lucky to witness once in your lifetime. An experience so captivating that a movement has sprung comprised of “Eclipse Chasers” who travel the world just to get a one-minute glimpse of totality. We invite you to join us on this next adventure to Argentina, where the path of totality strikes the Patagonia highlands on December 14, 2020.

Global Eclipse is comprised of event producers, artists, and creators from all over the world. The core of the group is Symbiosis who have produced Symbiosis Gathering in California since 2005, an annular eclipse gathering in Nevada in 2012, co-produced the Total Solar Eclipse in north Queensland, Australia in 2012, and Oregon Eclipse in 2017.

For nearly half a decade, our team at Electric Sloth has proudly traveled great lengths to take part in the various spectacles, gatherings, and cosmic alignments the organizers have created, and we sure as hell won’t be missing this one. If you missed out on the Eclipse Gathering in 2017, take a look at our review so you can see what’s to come in 2020: click here

The 2017 event brought together 12 festivals from around the world in a collaboration to celebrate a solar eclipse. The 2020 event will take a stronger focus on Latin America, drawing teamwork and creativity from festivals in countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, to name a few.

“Let’s get as many like-minded people together as possible.”

Kevin Kochen, founder of Symbiosis gathering.

Global Eclipse Gathering is not in the festival business, they’re in the experience business. In order to create this experience, they rely on like-minded people like you to shape the outcome. The collaboration of musicians, yogi’s, wellness teachers, performers, party people and everything in between is what makes these gatherings so unique.

Global Eclipse is proudly partnering with the local community in Argentina to promote environmental environmental sustainability, and cultural awareness within the gathering and beyond.

“This time, our neighbors are the Cayulef Mapuche community and the Rams Mapuche community, women and men of tradition who live far from modernity and who are looking for projects that will allow them to live better. They will be present with their valuable sacred heritage within the Eclipse Gathering, sharing fabrics, food and their beautiful knowledge! Rams are working on projects to increase water access for numerous families and Cayulef is building a tourist center and installing internet so they may be fully connected to the global reality and our donations will help them achieve this goal.”

Global Eclipse
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Cayulef Mapuche

Please help our neighbors complete their much needed projects!

You can support these projects by donating here

Music is an important piece to this puzzle, but not one we’ve ever had to stress over. Global Eclipse promises to bring local and global button pushers, as well as a strong emphasis on theatrical and live performances!

Having three years gives the team a whole lot of time to figure out the complicated logistics so you don’t have to! Global Eclipse is offering a number of accommodation packages from basic economical tents to stress-free glamping experiences!

Accommodation is still available, but be sure to act fast before they sell out!

You can find more information on accommodation here

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Photography Credit: Get Tiny Photography