Through some of Amsterdam’s darkest winter nights, we found light.

Audio Obscura, the face behind the most unique underground parties on the planet is back to conquer yet another one of Amsterdam’s majestic concert halls: the Gashouder.

Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray

This weekend, world renowned light-artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray activated the audio-visual masterpiece SKALAR for another unique live-symbiotic experience. Skalar, recently showcased in the rectangular factory of Kraftwerk Berlin, has been reinvented in Amsterdam’s infamous Gashouder. The circular industrial building located in the Westergas cultural complex, challenged the artists to adapt the exhibition into a 360 degree immersive environment.

In collaboration with Berlin’s design and art studio WHITEvoid, the exhibition includes over 60+ swiveling circular mirrors, 90+ free-range lights, and the most kick-ass 360 degree sound system you’ve ever heard. The hour-long live performance punches you into an intense, meditative state as the artists improvise and explore the depths of light and sound design.

Due to the unique nature of the building, there is no one place to experience the installation best. Whether you’re in the direct center, or out on the perimeter, the light and sound tease your senses differently.

Just when we thought the ambition of this project couldn’t go any further, it did. On Saturday, February 1st, the South Korean queen of the underground Peggy Gou, has been invited to captain the sound system while Ray and Bauder improvise the SKALAR installation to her music. The three artists will take on the challenge of synchronizing their work to create the ultimate rave experience.

Ms. Gou is a notorious selector who always curates for her environment and SKALAR is no exception. Expect driving bass-lines, euphoric melodies, transcendental visuals and sweat… lots of sweat.

Joining the bill are hometown heroes Deniro and Elias Mazian, as well as a special closing techno live-set by the mad scientists themselves Bauder and Ray. SKALAR will be activated throughout this entire 8-hour journey, making this event a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The looping exhibition is open 7 days a week, with a final live show added on February 2nd. Each live-show is a unique exploration, pushing the technology to its limits and the crowd to its knees.

Pro Tip: Skip the crowds and see the exhibition during the week. Treat yourself to an intimate experience with one of the world’s most impressive audio-visual adventures.

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Photo Credit: Tim Buiting & Kristen Van Santen