At the intersection of dance music and tech, Amsterdam Dance Event hosted a seemingly infinite number of panels and events across the city. From insightful, intimate conversations with industry leaders, to sonic explorations in the soundlab, ADE offered something special for everyone. Here are just a few of the experiences that made this year’s edition of ADE so special.

Holograms, Robots & Storytelling: The Future of Clubs and Festivals

With a title like that, you know there was no way in hell we were going to miss this. As part of the ADE conference series, everything and anything China related was packed into the iconic venue of DeBaile in the heart of the city. The House of China hosted a number of panels, dance events, and networking opportunities with industry leaders in the country. Since China is at the forefront of Technology, its natural to assume China will be the first in testing new technologies on the next generation of clubbers and festival attendees.

Hosted by Robot Heart’s Creative Director and Hong Kong resident Jason Swamy, the panel included engineers, technicians, promoters and organizers from all across China. Participants shared stories as well insight as to how they see the future of clubbing will play out in China. While it is hard to predict in an ever-expanding sector, one thing is for sure: robots and autonomous machines are the future. Expect less lasers and artificial lights to allow room for physical and structural changes to the clubs and stages, creating a completely new club experience in the night.

The Flight Case of: Richie Hawtin, Modeselektor, & SOPHIE

Hours before their opening ADE concert, Richie Hawtin, the duo from Modeselektor, and SOPHIE sat down with Resident Advisor’s Matt Unicomb opened up their bags to share the intricacies and difficulties of playing live. The largest take-away of this panel was hearing each artist’s perspective on how playing live not only changes the performance, but the lifestyle as well. When DJ’ing, “its a much more social experience” said Szary of Modeselektor, “you have to interact with the promoter, the other DJ’s… and you get really drunk. With a live set, you have a crew, you have loads of equipment and a lot of responsibility, you need to be focused.” Each artist brought their own unique perspective to the table and got the entire room ready for their stellar performance that night.

Moog’s Psychedelic Synthesizer Sanctuary

As part of the ADE Sound Lab, Moog invited attendee’s “down the rabbit hole” for a mind-expanding electronic stroll through memory lane. Moog had it all, including the 16-voice polyphonic Moog One, Legacy Moog Modular Systems, and the new semi-modular Matriarch. You were able to engage with Moog Synthesizer Specialists and Moog Factory Engineers to deepen your synthesis experience. Gear porn at its finest.

The Amsterdam Dance Event will celebrate its 25th edition on October 21-25th, 2020. Stay tuned for information on tickets and programming here!