While many of you believe festival season to be winding down, we see it as just the beginning.
On September 13 – 15, a former military terrain base just north of Brussels will convert into the architectural, musical, and theatrical paradise that is the Horst festival.
Located a stones-throw of Brussels in the town of Vilvoorde-North, the site ASIAT comprises 6 hectares of urban space with over twenty warehouses, all shaped in different sizes and arranged within a maze of corridors and urban rooms. And, of course, if you weren’t already intrigued, iconic cooling towers reign in the background as a symbol of both architectural awe and fear.

Cooling towers on the ASIAT site

“symbiosis of autonomous artworks, community projects, inventive stage structures, scenography, architecture and an intense collective experience.”

Horst Organizing Committee

Horst is organized by Onkruid, a multidisciplinary studio combining expertise in architecture, visual arts, marketing, music & culture to further develop the creative context of our cities. Onkruid develops actions, interventions or events that unite people & cultivates parts of the social wasteland.

Of the hundreds of festivals in Europe, it’s rare see the art being equally, if not more important than the music. The environment in which they create allows for artists to thrive and curate one-of-a-kind experiences. Each and every stage, installation, and performance is handcrafted by the likes of students and professionals from across the globe.

Stage from Horst 2018

With the distinct focus on art in mind, the organizers are always spot on in booking acts that can synchronize and deliver within the post-industrial environment they play in. Some highlights include Joey Orbison, Craig Richards, Object, MCDE, Marcel Dettmann, Josey Rebelle, among many, many others.

Horst is mainly a camping festival, but prides itself on offering services and amenities like free brunch to ensure this event is less of a festival, and more of a community gathering of like minded individuals to collaborate, explore, and dance collectively.

Tickets are selling fast, you won’t want to miss a unique gathering like Horst!

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