In just a few days, thousands will embrace the summer heat and swarm the spunky streets of the Pine/Pike corridor for another edition of the Capitol Hill Block Party. Before you let loose onto the expansive six-stage playground, we thought we’d point you in the direction of some acts you cannot miss.

In spirit of the CHBP’s dedication to highlight local, upcoming talent, we thought we would do the same and acknowledge one of our favorite groups that quickly made a name for themselves within the past few years: Hoshin.

Beginning in 2017 as a friends of friends collective, Hoshin has quickly created a visionary soul sound, tapping into the felt pocket of rhythm and hypnotic groove-hooks as they invite listeners into the ongoing legacy and community of soul music.

Members Honnah Weber, Michael Won, Jonathan Wood, JJ Kim, and Samantha Hoshin each play a unique role in crafting the distinct Hoshin sound.

“Move EP” – Hoshin

Move is an eclectic journey through a tangerine dream. Sounds infused from various walks of life makes it difficult to define the work by a specific genre. One moment you’re cruisin’ down highway 1 in a convertible corvette jamming to ‘surprise’, the next moment you’re headbangin’ to the rock rhythms in the later half of ‘blind’. You’ll be sure to deep-dive and reach every and all emotions out of this 5 track EP, and we sure as hell wouldn’t miss a chance to see it shown live for the very first time and neither should you.

This Friday you can catch the gang closing down the iconic Barboza stage at 9:30PM.

Again, we praise the CHBP organizing committee not only for booking local talent, but giving them the chance to prove themselves to the masses by letting them share late-night set times among established, international talent. Hoshin will be no exception to this.

The block party notoriously sells out every year, don’t be that person who slept!

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