It’s THAT time of year again…

The time of year where thousands flock to the grooviest neighborhood in Seattle in search of the perfect beat, riff, and falsetto. This July 19-21 the Pike/Pine Corridor will convert into the first-class musical oasis that is the Capitol Hill Block Party.

At first glance of the lineup, names like RL Grime, Lizzo, and Jungle catch your immediate attention, but the core of the festival lies beneath the surface. 

Each year, CHBP prioritizes bringing local, underrepresented talent to each and every one of their six stages across the entire 3 day festival. Sure these big ticket names will draw the masses, but it’s the lesser known artists that will leave a lasting impression on its attendees.

“Retaining a 60-70% ratio of PNW bands has always been a programming priority. Since 2012, we have contracted approximately 593 local and/or regional acts and as a result contributed over $697,950 in contract fees to the Pacific Northwest music economy.”

CHBP Organizing Committee

Local acts like Hoshin, Kung Foo Grip and Rudy are ones not to miss on this immensely stacked lineup. These artists, among many others, will prove that Seattle’s ever-adapting music scene is more alive than ever. We Salute CHBP for their commitment to local, underground talent!

The Capitol Hill Block Party is one of the last independent music festivals of this size in the country, its presence not only has a huge impact on the local Seattle scene, but will continue to ripple across communities worldwide.

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