Épique is a Florida based rapper that is simply epic. On his newest track “BlahBlah” it’s not all about lyricism, but more so melody and swagger. The chopped n screwed style of the song has a bit of a nostalgic feel to it, but there is definitely still a modern soundscape to it. Check out a quote from the upcoming musician about the single and stream it under that.

“This is a really important song for me. I feel like I had to make a song that was chopped n screwed just because it’s a big part of the culture of the where I was raised. I’m just talking real shit in this song. Ima struggling artist at my momma crib so she always snap on me about where my life is going. Everything I was feeling when I wrote it came that and me noticing that I was getting lit way more than usual and I think too much so I was scared of what I was becoming. This song was me trying to turn those things around into a good thing.” – Épique