Infekt, a rising DJ and producer from Germany, is quickly carving out a presence in the U.S. He recently dropped his new EP on 12th Planet’s newest sub-label, Disciple Round Table. If you’re looking for some new, heavy headbangers, look no further.

Infekt came out with 5 tracks for his new project, “Journey to Mars EP”. The tracks that immediately caught my attention were  “Journey to Mars”, “Red Planet”, and “Orgalorg VIP.” As a whole, this EP takes you through the basic beats that a live crowd would turn into a group headbanging experience.  A few of the tracks have potential to be taken to the next level.

The first song on the EP, “Journey to Mars”, begins with a very Trampa-like introduction. There is a slow build-up, that blasts off into a reverberating sonic planetary landscape that creates a sense of intrigue.The first drop is insanely heavy and elicits a physical response.  Like a few of the other tracks, I was hoping this song would branch out and diversify, but the base is a solid launching pad.

The second track, “Dollar$”, is reminiscent of Gentlemen’s Club and their well-known bangers. I definitely could see a crowd of die-hard bassheads living for this heavy drop. “Red Planet”, the third song on this EP, is one of the songs I like best. At first, I was thrown off with the drop, because it hit suddenly after a slow rise, creating an unusual take-off.  As it continued, I found myself listening to this song on repeat because of the mind-blowing drops and change-up in beats. This song sounds like classic 2012 Doctor P meets Brown and Gammon. I would love to see this song live with 150,000 watts of bass.

The fourth song, “Orgalorg VIP”, is definitely my favorite track on this EP.  As mentioned, Gentlemen’s Club is a master of the this genre, and Infekt did a great job of building ridiculously heavy drops that caught my attention . This dirty dubstep track has the most variety and constantly changes up for the better. The more the song goes on, the dirtier it gets. The last song, “Bliss”, is a very chill track and does not use drops like the other songs on this EP, but this one has huge remix potential.