From a former military service member and computer science engineer to rising DJ and Producer, Nikö Blank drops future-groove mixes with soothing R&B influences. Blank’s remix of Flume’s “Never Be Like You” gained popularity and led him to the #1 spot on Hype Machine, as well as achieving recognition from other well known music blogs.

He recently dropped his first single, “Do U“, as the first track on his new EP, “The Frame EP”.  As for his EP cover photo, he took the image of a frame and what it represents symbolically, Blank’s project prompts the listener to question what is inside our own personal mind frames. Are the pictures that make up our individual perspectives actual reality? Are the windows through which we see the world, open portals or prisons limiting our perception of what is around us? And when confronted with “The Frame,” do we truly see what is inside it?

I am a huge fan of his past remixes of Portugal the Man‘s hit single, “Feel It Still“, as well as RKCB’s track, “Elevated“. His remix of “Feel It Still” combines Portugal’s catchy lyrics with an upbeat, light, and fun vibe that instantly makes you want to dance. As for his remix of “Elevated”, I have been listening to this on repeat because of its calming intro that leads into a fully satisfying, sonic drop. The build up along with the empowering, adrenaline boosting beat is truly addictive.

Blank recently dropped 5 tracks for his new project, The Frame EP. The tracks that stood out to me most were “1, 2, Hello“, “Do U“, and “____“.

1,2 Hello has a slow, calming start that adds elements one by one and builds up to the drop in a thrilling way. The drop itself reminds me of Porter Robinson in its full, catchy musicality. This is a song to play on a long drive to the beach because of its feel-good, layered groove. I really enjoy the vocals by Jacob Luttrell in his single, Do U. This song is reminiscent of Flume’s “Smoke and Retribution” with a more melodic approach. His third single on the EP, ____ , features an array of sounds put together in a dream-like way that evokes a more poetic response. This is a song that would be a treat to experience in a live show. I am more intrigued by Jacob Luttrell’s vocals with the mix of Blank’s beat drop in Do U, than his fourth single, Ride featuring Rush Davis, that mostly focuses on Davis’s vocals rather than Blank’s beats. His last single on the EP, Maku“, is similar to _____” with its peculiar beat, but “____” is the track that would get the crowd moving.

Check out Nikö Blank’s new EP on Soundcloud now!