Just as the temperature had started to dip, Lowtemp unleashed Gramatik and Balkan Bump’s cross cultural heater “Aymo” Feat. Talib Kweli. This song will ignite a fire within your soul. With a title that translates to “Let’s Go” in the language of the Balkan people, “Aymo” Feat. Talib Kweli pays homage to the sound of the Southern European region in which Gramatik’s home country of Slovenia is located.

The vibrant culture of the Balkan people is flawlessly captured within Balkan Bump’s masterful string, horn, and percussion work. Balkan Bump’s worldly instrumental elements in combination with the fierce vocal stylings of Talib Kweli produce an enticing musical blend of cultural tradition and modern day hip-hop. The dynamic partnership between acoustic instruments and electronic production elements heard in this work reminded me of what drew me to love Lowtemp so much in the first place.

It is so incredibly refreshing to experience an electronic piece that not only moves past the mainstream commercial pop washing over the U.S right now, but also strives to pay tribute to the musical characteristics of other cultures.  

Though “Aymo” Feat. Talib Kweli is one of several notable works by Gramatik this year alone, this track marks the Lowtemp debut of Balkan Bump. Balkan Bump is the newly established producer persona for trumpet extraordinaire Will Magid. An ethnomusicologist, Magid’s music takes evident inspiration from cultures on nearly every continent.

Balkan Bump is a project that I can honestly say is unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. While one track will have you wrapped in middle eastern flare, the next will transport you to the streets of Serbia. In addition to working with Gramatik, Balkan Bump has performed alongside greats such as Pretty Lights, Beats Antique, and Bonbo. If you can’t get enough of “Aymo’ Feat. Talib Kweli, rumor has it Balkan Bump has something very special in store in the near future!