It was the second day of What The Festival?! and the vibe at the Splash Stage couldn’t have been better.

The sky was blue, the water was warm, and the crowd was buzzing with excitement. Hotel Garuda was about to hit the decks. Seriously, can you even think of any better pair to play a midsummer pool party in the most spectacular natural venue you’ve ever seen? Composed of Candleweather and Manila Killa, Hotel Garuda has been taking the electronic music scene by storm, overjoying audiences with their charming stage presence and dazzling performances. One of my favorite things about these two is the fact that they their sets are never repetitive, and they don’t release an “identical song” time after time.  Having watched Hotel Garuda absolutely blow the roof off of the Pagoda Stage at last year’s Shambhala, I was thrilled to see the duo bring an entirely new kind of energy and set list to the Splash Stage. The two festival sets were so unique from each other  they could’ve been done by different artists altogether. That’s what I love about this group. They aren’t lazy, and they never settle to be less than they are capable of. Their WTF?! showcase was animated, exciting, and a great way to get your feet movin’.

Last month, Hotel Garuda released their gorgeous new track, “Till It Burns Out” featuring Violet Skies. After just one listen, I was confident that this would be the anthem of the summer. While the signature colorful dance rhythm the duo is known for still shines through in this piece, “Till It Burns Out” also brings forth a new side of Hotel Garuda that you may not have expected.  A bright and bouncy infusion of soul and synth, “Till It Burns Out” is a lighthearted summer tune. You can genuinely hear the passion in Violet Skies’ voice in every word she strings together. Though the musical stylings of the single are different from what we are used to hearing from these guys, the unveiling of a new kind of sound demonstrates that the pair are far from one dimensional in their production and have a creative skillset that can carry over across genres. Just before the duo climbed behind the decks, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a quick chat with them about their new track.


What is the inspiration behind this track?

Aseem (CandleWeather): So the new track came from a demo that we received from our label that really just stood out to us amongst the other demos that we’d heard. We really wanted to work on the song so we hit them up and were like ‘hey, can we make a song out of this?’ and yeah, that’s how it happened.

Chris (Manila Killa): Yeah, we’ve also been making house music for a couple of years, so we kind of decided to do something a little different with this one. Obviously it’s super different from our other stuff, but our influences are very eclectic, totally all over the place, so this was kind of the tribute to like all the other stuff that we listen to.

Aseem: 2017 is the year of artistic integrity and just pursuing artistic directions that are true to yourself. You know? If you feel like you want to make something, make it! Who else is going to do it?

What lead you to selecting Violet Skies as your vocalist?

Aseem: She wrote the song. She wrote the song with Billy Eilish’s older brother Finnieus, shout out to both of them, they’re awesome.

What do you think sets this track apart? How is it unique to your other songs?

Chris: It’s not house!

Aseem: I definitely think it’s the elephant in the room that people expect us to only make house music. We’re showing people that we enjoy other kinds of music. All kinds of music are equally inspirational and equally beautiful.

Do you have any more projects in the works?

Aseem: Just a bunch more music!

Chris: Yeah, we’re working on a lot more original music and we’re also working a big tour this fall. We can’t really talk about it yet, but I’m excited.