About 10 shows deep on their co-headlined “Off The Endz” Tour with UK Dubstep Legend – Joker, Jelacee & DJ Lukey known as Stooki Sound brought pure energy to Bassmnt in San Diego. Even while writing this article, I legitimately had to refer to their tour schedule as the amount of energy my fellow UK mates brought to San Diego was something that was almost tangible. It legitimately felt like it was night one of the tour. Stooki_Sound_Bassmnt

To venture into the realm of saying we were “excited” to see Stooki Sound would probably be the understatement of the month. Having closely followed the boys since they released “UPPERS” with Mr. Carmack almost 4 years ago, I think its honestly impressive we hadn’t caught the guys anytime sooner. Must be that large-ish body of water between our continent & theirs. Refer to a globe or map of the world if you are still confused by my previous sentence.

Venturing on to the decks, dressed fresh to death, they immediately had the crowd chanting their name & even when the equipment cut out for a second. Starting off with a few well known tracks, like their more recent “Welcome to London” with Troyboi & even a bit of RL Grime – energy in the room increased rather rapidly.

From confetti cannons, horn heavy tracks, incredible visuals, & a barrage of 18 year old attempting to dance on stage with the guys – this show was a total blast. I’ve covered more than a few handfuls of shows at this nightclub over the years, but I had never seen kids climb on stage before. Perhaps the move to 18+ wasn’t the best decision?


Either way, after finally seeing the guys perform live – you can take my word: they will blow up. Some say they have, others don’t know who they are. Learn the name & learn it quick, Stooki Sound is going to take over the US almost as quickly as Drake introduced UK rap to our lovely country.

I mean.. if Drake likes it, right? Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, from trap to filth & back to their classic horns – these guys absolutely demolished the decks. From start to finish they had me dancing, throwin’ bows & of course absolutely loosing my sh** when they dropped their UK comrades like Skepta & Stormzy into Travis Scott into A$AP Rocky into Schoolboy Q. May the lord have mercy – this guys know their Rap.


So if you actually made it all the way to the bottom of this article and are thinking to yourself, “Damn, that could actually be fun”, scope the image below & buy your tickets to the closest show to your city. Do yourself a favor & follow us on Twitter – mention this article and you might end up w/ a pair of tickets to the show of your choice.

Until next time kiddos!


Photos: @jennicamaephoto