For those of us already reminiscing of spring break, don’t unpack your bags just yet, because Synead’s “Tropicao”  will have you feeling like you’re back on that beach in the blink of an eye.

Most commonly known as the co-founder of the Millions March NYC, an anti-police brutality march, Synead is an undeniably influential social justice activist. Recently, Synead started attracting the attention of the media once more, but this time for a different reason. It seems that Synead has decided to take her powerful messages from the streets to the recording studio, releasing her first single “Tropicao” this month. Produced by Cabo Blanco and Matt FX, “Tropicao” marks Synead’s debut as a solo recording artist and teases us with what we can expect from Synead as an artist.

A unique combination of pop and R&B, the single pays homage to Synead’s Caribbean heritage.  With an island sound, Synead’s silky vocals, and a meaningful lyrical message, this track is guaranteed to add some cultural flavor to your day.