Though the title may sound like a class you took freshman year, Psycho Disco’s  debut compilation “Psych 101” is far from something you have to struggle to sit through.

“Psych 101” has everything you could ever wish for in a house music collection, but what else can you expect from a label birthed by Treasure Fingers himself? Innovative, quirky, and straight up psychedelic, “Psych 101” hooks you from the second that first kick hits. Featuring eight previously unreleased tracks from the likes of 909 Til Infinity, Aaron Lanez, Codes, Ghettoblaster,Grensta, Fritz Carlton, Treasure Fingers, and ZDS.

Much like an intro class, “Psych 101” covers all the key elements of Psycho Disco’s signature style. With meticulously crafted rhythmic elements layered on top of purring baselines, this collection is a house lover’s dream with an extra dose of hallucinogenic sound. To put it simply, this compilation takes you on quite the trip, experimenting with the senses left and right. “Psych 101” is no ordinary experience, so grab your best pair of headphones and prepare to hear something truly mesmerizing!