An incredibly fresh take on an experimental track, Gramatik and Ramzoid’s remix of Flume’s “Wall Fuck” is absolutely bursting with bliss and colorful energy.

A re-invention of  Flume’s “Wall Fuck” from the Australian phenomenon’s 2016 album Skin, the original track received considerably less attention than other songs from the collection due to it’s atypical sound. Nevertheless, the track did not go unappreciated by two of the electronic music scene’s most innovative producers, Gramatik and Ramzoid. We’re calling it now, this song is about to be the anthem of the summer. From the first time you hear it you’ll be blown away,  stunned by the euphoric energy and glistening personality that is radiating from your headphones. You will experience this same reaction for the next three times you listen to it after the first play ends. This is not your typical Flume remix, this is a gorgeously crafted song of its own.

Plus, the production styles of both Gramatik and Ramzoid shines through in this remix, combining flawlessly together in one big, bright, and beautiful sound. The remix and original track are undeniably different, yet not so much that the remix strays from paying proper tribute to Flume. This is the kind of song you will want to hear at every set, from every artist, at every festival you go to this summer. But don’t worry, with how good this song is you definitely will!