Ever since I heard Deorro’s track, “Five Hours,” I had been hooked. Moreover, the man is from West Covina and a Mexican like myself. What wasn’t there to love? Now, with his debut album, Good Evening, Deorro lays the foundation for his talent across the EDM spectrum.

Deorro opens the album with some bouncy tracks like “Turn Back Time” — the newest single off the album — and “Guide Me.” Right off the bat, we get that pretty melodic EDM going on. As a whole, the album is highly conceptual, and includes eight interludes which in themselves are compelling. They serve as remarkable transitions between genre and mood throughout the album. Then…


comes on and damn do I feel just like that. The track is a hype monster full of explosiveness. Titled, “Butt Naked,” it is easily my favorite track off the album in terms of energy.

Later on, with “Feeling Pretty Good,” we get a little more experimental stuff happening. It has some heavy bass lines giving out a dubstep vibe. Yet, Deorro keeps the track soft with sustained keys and dope vocal cuts. It’s a track with a lot of space around the action.

The biggest surprise of all happens on the track, “Pause.” It is completely ambient and way different from the rest of the album; but I love it just the same. It is an excellent way to finish the entire listening session, and reminds us that Deorro isn’t just any regular DJ, rather, he is a dedicated artist experimenting with new forms.

The 24 track album hits a variety of genres. From progressive and future house, to dubstep and even a little bit of the soft stuff. All in all, Deorro has created a remarkable release. If this is three years of effort, I can’t wait for the next ten.