Future released HNDRXX and Future over these past few weeks. Most will agree with me when I say that the only good track off of Future was ‘Mask Off.’ Now that I’ve listened through to HNDRXX as well, I can say that there a few more tracks that I enjoy. ‘Fresh Air’ is my favorite, but ‘Coming Out Strong’ and ‘Selfish’ are contenders, too.

Here is what I have to say about Future: where is the substance? Lyrically, we have nothing notable occurring. In fact, I would argue that it is in Future’s best interests to drop all of his lyrics and put out strictly electronic music albums. HNDRXX is a more consistent album than Future, but both lack any sort of originality or purpose to them. I find rappers like Future fading in the game over and over again. He is full of gross generalizations and lyrical senselessness. Some might say he is embracing an R&B style, or is continuing to wrestle with his relationships between women, drugs and fame. Yet, time and time again, the best rappers are those who are wrestling with larger questions about society and identity. I am tired of albums like the ones Future is putting out.

For me, Future is simply attempting to make himself man of the year again. He wants to put as much music out as he can in early 2017 so that he can stay on the charts and make that guap. But, I won’t have it. I’ll continue to support SoundCloud rappers making beats in their rooms and recording in their closets. The time for rappers like Future has been over for awhile. They are pop stars, if that, and nothing more. I look forward to the growing number of independent rappers and labels and the messages they may bring. With novelty comes change,with change comes progress and vital discussion, and that’s a crucial part of Hip-Hop and rap that I refuse to let go to waste because of rappers who want to make money and keep their names in the paper.

So what will Future’s future look like? I have no idea. But, I do know that artists like MigosChance The Rapper and future up and comers will make their mark with substantial rap music. I am excited to see who comes out of this year’s SXSW as top picks. Likewise, I look forward to the summer festival season and identifying the rappers who will replace and create new music that will re-energize the scene.