A collaborator of great proportions, Earl St. Clair has worked with Machine Gun Kelly and Rick Ross, sang with Avicii and David Guetta, and has now released his official full-length EP, My Name Is Earl.

As per usual, I was browsing the Spotify new releases when I noticed the album art for My Name Is Earl. I was immediately drawn to the image with its dark red filter that featured a man who was pumping R&B and Soul into the mic. I had never listened to Earl St. Clair intentionally before, and with the line “I never ever dealt with that pain, and it’s killing me” on the first track of the EP, “Pain,” I was in for the rest.

I appreciate the fact that “Three Story Home” is played in triplets, and opens with a nasty bass line that carries the track throughout. Though, the additions of the rest of the ensemble make it a truly blues-feeling track with a contemporary spin. “Feeling Alive” reminds me of the The California Honeydrops, and is my favorite song on the EP. It stands out as vibrant and energetic. Although, “Ain’t Got It Like That” is a close second for me. The featured artist, PJ, adds a subtle sweetness to the track when she sings, “and I just want to pay my bills on time” alongside Earl St. Clair’s “and one day I’ma finally get paid.”

The seven song EP has racked up more than 100,000 listens in its first week of release, a testament to the novelty and performance of Earl St. Clair. I would recommend the EP if you enjoy artists like Aloe Blacc or The California Honeydrops as previously mentioned. I’d also say “Bad Love” has a bit of Earth, Wind, and Fire influence in it if you’re into that.

Check him out at this year’s SXSW and on his website.