Spring is in the air, meaning sunny days and warm weather is on the horizon. As we near the end of March, it seems all we can think about is laying out, relaxing, and listening to some stellar summer tunes. Thankfully, Lowtemp is blessing us on March 31st with a small taste of the sunshine to come with Anomalie’s refreshing remix of the track “Tony Mitraglia” by jazz virtuosos Teo Collori and Momento Cigano. ¬†Fresh and funky, Anomalie’s take on this track will have you dreaming that you’re relaxing poolside while vacationing abroad in western Europe.

The musical characteristics of the remix are guaranteed to charm your ears in a unique and surprising way. While the track adheres to Lowtemp’s signature combination of technical and acoustic sound, Anomalie’s distinct production style brings a twist that is undeniably original. An upbeat and groovy rendition of the original single, Anomalie’s remix add texture with it’s stunted breaks in technical elements, giving room for the gorgeous instrumentals to shine. Composed of flavorful guitar licks, bursting clarinet cuts, and animated piano riffs, Anomalie puts a 21st century twist on a song with a sound rooted in the 1920s.

Originally a pianist with a passion for jazz, Anomalie only started dabbling in electronic music five years ago. With a production style that infuses both electronic and jazzy instrumental elements, it’s no wonder that Anomalie was sought after by Lowtemp. Since being signed to the label, Anomalie has released his debut Lowtemp single, “Odyssee”, and is currently touring with Gramatik himself.