If we were to pick three artists that had breakout years in dance music in 2016, Gryffin, Illenium, and Daya could all be top contenders. Between Gryffin’s first two originals, Illenium’s debut album, and Daya’s Grammy-winning performance on The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” the threesome have all ben on their own upswing.

While no signs pointed to a collaboration between the three, about a week ago Gryffin announced that they would be releasing their mega-collaboration, “Feel Good.” Each artists’ artistic style truly shines through. Gryffin plays his evoking guitar licks right from the get-go, Illenium’s impactful percussion drives the drop, and Daya’s goosebump-raising vocal performance ties the entire track together into a dance-pop smash. “Feel Good” is a track that fans will be listening to throughout the summer as the festival season gets into full swing.

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