Craving a retro rhythm with a bass line that bumps? Look no further! Psycho Disco has just what you’re looking for with Gettoblaster & Rescue’s Turn It Up EP.

Longtime curators of the Detroit and Chicago house movement, DJ/production duo Gettoblaster have taken their sound down south to Atlanta’s Psycho Disco label for their latest work. The pair’s second release through Psycho Disco, “Turn It Up” is a collaboration between Gettoblaster and Rescue. The EP is essentially a remix collection, composed of their original track, “Turn It Up” featuring Benjamin Paper, and remixes by Brooklyn producer Codes and the United Kingdom’s Vanilla Ace.

The “Turn It Up” EP  embodies the psychedelic house sound that Psycho Disco is becoming known for, while also bringing it’s own unique personality to the table.  With a nostalgic dance floor groove and the signature 4/4 beat measure,  “Turn It Up” pays true respect to authentic disco as well as modern house music. To put it simply, this EP will have you movin’ and groovin’ like they did in the ’70s with a 21st century twist.

In addition, the remixes by Codes and Vanilla Ace are nothing short of the original and innovative sound that has recently been coming out of Psycho Disco. As always, Codes pushes the envelope with his deep and vibrating take on the track, while Vanilla Ace brings an even more technical infusion of house and funk.