Just when you thought your time at Wolf Run Ranch this June couldn’t possibly get any better, What The Festival went ahead and blessed us with the second half of the 2017 lineup.

Since the announcement of the initial lineup in February, many of us have been counting down the days till the final artist roster would be unveiled. Then, after what felt like the longest month of our lives, Oregon’s  unique music and arts festival gifted us with the complete lineup Wednesday morning. I don’t know about you, but I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve on Tuesday night. Could it be possible that the second half of the lineup is equally as phenomenal as the first? Which names would I be reading after refreshing the page a million times? How could the lineup get any better than it already is?

Then, after a night a very little sleep, my questions were finally answered at 10:00 a.m. As I made my way to the festival’s shiny new app to read the announcement, I became a little nervous that nothing could surpass the level of excitement I felt for the initial lineup. Looking back, I now realize this was an unreasonable fear to have because WTF?! you’ve done it again, you spectacular group of humans, you. While many secondary lineups tend to be underwhelming compared to the first, WTF?!’s new additions are nothing of the sort. The official lineup for this summer’s festivities is everything an avid electronic music lover could ever want and MORE. The recently added artists are thrilling, and if you didn’t think you were going to buy tickets before, you’ve probably already bought them by now.

With the incredible addition of over 50 artists, the second half of the lineup is a fantasy. A combination of legendary producers and rising stars, the list of new additions is overflowing with talent, originality, and diversity in genres. One of the outstanding characteristics of WTF?! is that it includes many musical tastes, rather than strictly catering to a specific demographic or genre. The final artist roster truly proves that WTF?! has something for everyone, leaving nobody feeling like their musical preference is of lesser importance.

In terms of notable additions, the list of names now includes powerhouse producers such as Big Wild, Climbing PoeTree, Glitch Mob’s edIT, Electric Mantis, Haywyre, ill. Gates, Lafa Taylor, Manic Focus, NastyNasty, and The Last Artful, Dodgr. In addition to these higher profile artists, the second wave of performers also brings in some of your favorite up and coming producers and loads of local talent. Each artist brings something different to the table, giving us the unique opportunity to discover all kinds of new sound.

As always, WTF?! gifts us with the chance to explore our musical curiosities, express our creativity, and to experience an adventure that pushes the bounds of our wildest imagination. It is an extraordinary event that will have you smiling from ear to ear whenever it crosses your mind. We love you What The Festival, we can’t wait to be back!