Saturday. Night. As the sloths emerged from their den, slowly gaining consciousness and beginning to regret the night before, they were made aware of their next mission: Barclay Crenshaw at Bang Bang Nightclub in Downtown San Diego. If you frequent our website, you’ve read about Bang Bang before. The second story nightclub nestled in Downtown San Diego combines sushi, dancing, and delicious drinks for a damn good time.

Considering the Dirtybird label founder & owner Claude VonStroke (Barclay Crenshaw) was headlining Bang Bang’s epic dance floor for the night – we knew we had to be there. Thanks BC!


As the almost space-like sounds converged, Crenshaw began his set. As he started it off similarly to his most recent (and only) mixtape, Transmissions 001, we knew exactly what was coming. If the crowd came for Dirtybird beats, they wouldn’t be getting them here.

While we didn’t feel like there was much of a warm up to the set, as Crenshaw really dove right in, this didn’t affect our sentiments towards the set by any means. Keeping a commanding focus on the decks, Crenshaw began to drop his signature 90’s Hip-Hop with heavy baselines. And I mean heavy!


As the only detractor from the night was Crenshaw’s DnB drops (personal preference), both the crowd and our correspondents had an absolute blast. There were points in the set during which I truly felt engulfed in the music. Featuring true musical diversity, Crenshaw took us on a journey through Rap, DnB, heavy baselines, raw drum samples, and even his infamous 2 track Eprom EP (below) as a pre-ending to his set. With a love for dubstep & just filth in general, this was easily my favorite part.

Side-note: Crenshaw seemed to bring out the most attractive women in San Diego and jam them all into one night club. Bravo Barclay, bravo.




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