Imagine yourself standing in complete and utter darkness. You have no phone and no sense of where you are. All but one of your senses has been entirely deprived, all you can feel is the friction of the bodies surrounding you. Right now, all you have are your ears to guide you. Though the experience itself may be strange, you find comfort in the fact that you will soon be consumed in the deep, rumbling, electric sound of EPROM.

This summer, New York City’s Good Looks Collective brings you LightsOut, the first sensory deprivation event of its kind. Taking place at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on Saturday May 12th, LightsOut will be headlined by EPROM featuring Brooklyn’s very own Massada Rock Sound System. LightsOut has gone above and beyond in ensuring a completely authentic sensory loss experience, going to great lengths to completely deprive any form of stimulation but sound.

In addition to providing no light (excluding an extremely dim backlight for EPROM) and blacking out all windows of the venue, LightsOut has teamed up with Yondr to further enhance the deprivation element of the show. Yondr allows events and organizations to create a phone free space through their unique phone case technology that locks your phone inside a special case until the event is over. This way, attendees will have the comfort of being able to hold onto their phones, but no ability to be distracted by it.

Due to the precise variables of controlled environment required for the success of this event, the crowd capacity for LightsOut is very limited. That being said, be sure to grab your tickets now before they’re gone!