As we suffer through the frigid months of deep winter, many of us daydream about the warm summer days we spent basking in the sun, eating ice cream, or playing in the pool….stage. Wait a second, pool stage? That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. For those who know just what I’m talking about, you’re probably as excited as I am to get back to Wolf Run Ranch on June 16-19th for this year’s What The Festival!

Held just outside the isolated town of Dufur, Oregon, WTF?! is an experience unlike any other. With a naturally beautiful venue, breathtaking interactive art installations, and an absolutely thrilling artist selection year after year, WTF?! is truly something you need to see to believe. On top of the eight different stages, WTF?! also offers a live speaker series, movement classes, spa treatments, a silent disco, and an in-forest hookah experience and tea lounge. Oh, and not to mention you’ll get to spend three days with some of the most pure hearted and interesting people you’ve ever met.

Unlike some other notable festivals in pacific northwest, What The Festival isn’t focused on bringing in mainstream artists. This makes the festival much more appealing to audiences who are truly passionate about the music and are genuinely there to enjoy the artists and arts. In short, you won’t need to worry about being shoved around in the crowd or disrespected by your fellow festival goers at WTF?!. The energy is great, the positivity is high, and the consideration of those around you is a respected characteristic of this event. Honestly, the only flaw of this festival is the fact that we have to spend so much of the year NOT being there and wishing we were.

As the summer solstice draws closer and closer, many of us have been eagerly awaiting the release of the 2017 What The Festival lineup. The wait has been long and excruciatingly painful, but the anticipation is now over! Earlier this week, the wonderfully unique Oregon festival blessed us with this year’s artist roster, and yes, as always, it has left us all thinking WTF?!

The 2017 lineup is absolutely phenomenal, overflowing with talented producers of sound that ranges from obscure house to experimental bass. When it comes to what styling of performance you can expect to witness, just about every variety is represented here. While at one stage you’ll hear underground electronic music, at another you could hear live band performances or enchanting vocalists. With such a diverse musical selection, there’s something for everyone here and a fantastic opportunity to explore new genres. Now, let’s move onto discussing this mind blowing collection of artists for the 2017 WTF?!.

Headlining the fifth annual WTF?! are heavy hitters Gramatik, Zhu, and Cut Copy. Each headliner is undoubtedly deserving of their primetime spot, so be sure not to miss any of these guys. We’ve also got some representation of some of the most distinguished electronic labels this year including DirtyBird with Shiba San, several members of the Desert Hearts crew, and Team Supreme. Among some of the other most notable artists are Chet Porter, Hotel Garuda, Manilla Killa, Plastician, REZZ, Sorrow, Touch Sensitive, and Woolymammoth.

Unsurprisingly, many of the other artists on this year’s lineup are repeat offenders of playing at WTF?!, but that’s because this festival will take such a special hold on your heart that you wont be able to resist coming back every year. In relation to this, there is one artist in particular that can’t seem to stay away. Although Dirty Bird Boss Claude Vonstroke “won’t” be playing again this year, his alter ego Barclay Crenshaw will be making his What The Festival debut. Unlike Claude Vonstroke’s signature house and techno sound, Barclay Crenshaw brings the hip-hop heat to the stage. The iconic producer and record label owner is not shy about how much he loves What The Festival, so it is only fitting that he brings his new persona along with him this year.

In addition to these highlighted artists, the rest of the artists on the release are equally as worth checking out. Though this was only the first phase of the lineup to be announced, it’s safe to say that many of us are already convinced enough to buy a ticket. So grab your best friends, camping gear, and pool floaties and meet us at the ranch for the experience of a lifetime! See you there!

For additional information check out What The Festival’s official website.