This weekend, Henry Steinway, better known by his stage name, RL Grime will be taking San Diego by storm!

Not only will RL Grime be playing the hottest open-air downtown venue in San Diego, Quartyard, but he’s also headlining the Valley View Casino Center later on that night for LED Anniversary. Talk about ‘Uber Everywhere’ right?

With 2 shows in less than 8 hours, who knows what to expect from this mad man?!

With a distinct ability to create & remix tracks that have garnered millions of plays on Soundcloud, this producer literally exploded into the scene through his alter-ego, Clockwork, by dropping his “Levels” remix. By going after the hottest producer at the time, he caught the attention of label-head Steve Aoki  who facilitated an EP release on Dim Mak Records. It’s from this Squad Up EP that Clockwork was really born.

But I thought we were talking about RL Grime? We are, keep reading.

As Steinway (Clockwork) began to gain worldwide recognition, he decided to release an EP under the name RL Grime on Shlomo’s WEDIDIT label. While Steinway had no intention of gaining popularity through this side project, his work quickly landed on the desks of major publications around the world and was greeted with phenomenal response. The summer after dropping the EP, while still playing & touring as Clockwork, Steinway worked with esteemed producer Salva and released a remix of Kanye West’s “Mercy” that quickly landed him the #1 spot on SoundCloud’s “Hottest Tracks” list. For 7 days… In a row.

Initially, Steinway wanted to keep his alias separate, but as always, the media got in the way (yay, us). The news quickly spread worldwide and that year Steinway proceeded to play shows, events, & festivals all over the world under both names. He would often be booked as both Clockwork & RL Grime at the same festival, giving crowds a full-spectrum taste of what he had to offer. While we have no idea how Steinway benefited financially from being able to play festivals 2x in the same day/weekend/year, I’d assume he quickly went from eating ramen to sushi at Nobu (if he hadn’t already). Oh did I mention, he did this all before he was 21 years old!

For a little preview into what RL’s sets are like, take a listen to his previous Halloween Mixes:




2013 (The one that started them all!):

If you weren’t already excited enough.  A  recent tweet from the artist shows us that he plans to share “things that will be more important than ever”. We can only hope that Steinway is referring to new music, and can imagine he will tease fans at his shows in San Diego this weekend (who doesn’t love a good tease right?).



If you’ll be attending either the Quartyard or Valley View Casino shows, be sure to keep track of us on Twitter (@electricslothed) as we’ll be providing coverage!


RL Grime: