In the beginning…. there was THUMP.

The freshest and funkiest Funk band of 2016 is now entering 2017 with many a surprise in store. For those unfamiliar, and soon to be familiarized, Thumpasaurus is a five piece Funk band that came together at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. Or, to put it another way, these damn fine musicians decided to THUMP around Los Angeles for our benefit. And man, do they bring it.

After opening for classic cult acts like Vulfpeck and KNOWER, Thumpasaurus has gradually made a name for themselves in LA’s up-all-night electronic music scene. They bring nostalgic 70s funk vibes and drizzle the sensations of 2016 all over their sets. Dripping in funk and groove, they bring crowds together to dance and vibe; by combining an eclectic style with vocals on a high wire, Thumpasaurus creates inimitable sounds in a world of echoes and sound bytes. If I had to describe them in one word: copacetic.

Most recently, Thumpasaurus has made a nest at LA’s famed bar Tenants of the Trees every other Wednesday night. Check it out here.



Since their partnership with Justin Jay at various shows, the Thump masters have: gathered multitudes for musical embrace, provided exhilarating performances, and have become THE PARTY wherever they go. They are responsible for some of the sickest house parties in Air BnB’s and houses around Los Angeles. I cannot underscore enough that this band throws house parties unlike any you have experienced.

Check out their track, “I’m Too Funky” right here.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes that sums up this article, and Thumpasaurus, in a winning fashion.

“You have any ideas on how we might turn this thing around?
Good music.
Music! Hey. That is a fantastic idea, son. What kind of music?
The only music worth being called music. I’m talking about the funk.” – The New Guy

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