Legendary hip hop producer DJ Green Lantern has branched into the realm of groovy electro funk under his new product alias, TheSpvceAge. The first official single by TheSpvceAge “You” feat. TDot Illldude, pays tribute to the producer’s hip-hop roots while introducing his new melodic and retro electronic sound.

The debut single for TheSpvceAge was released via Lowtemp, the record label of fellow electro funk enthusiast Gramatik. But what made DJ Green Lantern  switch it up after his previous style lead to working with iconic rappers like Eminem, Nas, and Ludacris? In terms of what sparked the creation of this new DJ persona, the artist offers a few words of explanation.

“So I’ve been dabbling / exploring different sonics in electronic music for some time now and developed a new sound: Melodic Electro G- Funk. I’ve created a gang of new music with this sound, and wanted to give it its own name, so it can stand on its own. Enter TheSpvceAge. By incorporating retro-futuristic imagery and this new sound, I feel like it’s a whole different world I’m taking the listener into.”

The premier single, “You” Feat. TDot Illldude, is unique in its offbeat tempo while incorporating smooth hip hop vocal samples and a danceable melody.

Check out TheSpvceAge’s first track on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.