Last week the Compton native known as YG made his way back to where it all started, the heart of Los Angeles, to put his mark on one of the few remaining Red Bull: 30 Days in LA shows. Any homecoming for an artist is bound to be an absolute riot and full blown party. Needless to say, YG did not disappoint and had each and every individual up and ready to rumble.

Photo Credit: Marv Watson / Red Bull Sound Select / Content Pool

As the lights dimmed and the sound slowly climbed to acceptable standards, the crowd was smacked with the piercing sounds of sirens and flashing lights. Following the start of what seemed like an evacuation, a stretcher was rushed to the front of the stage by two “medical professionals” in the ever so identifying scrubs. On top of this was the anticipated star of the night holding a mic. Once the stage was cleared he began laying down Who Shot Me, while comfortably situated flat on the stretcher. As someone who has seen the opening to countless shows, never once have I seen such an animated introduction that got the crowd on their feet, absolutely hyped.

YG continued to lay down every song you hoped he would play. From featured tracks off his most recent release Still Brazy to the throwback jams you sang with all your soul when you thought nobody was watching, this was a track list from the Gods. Aside from all of the bangers he was laying down, he wanted LA to know that he was home and it ain’t home without a visit from some friends. Within the blink of an eye, DJ Mustard took the stage to sing I Just Wanna Party and show some love for his LA fam.

Photo Credit: Marv Watson / Red Bull Sound Select / Content Pool

Following DJ Mustard’s special appearance, YG stopped the music and gave his two cents on the world and where the US stands with its recent changes. After he spoke his mind he chose six guests from the audience to come up on stage, which is another move you rarely see in today’s hip hop scene. Once the fans were lined up and a hush came over the crowd a Donald Trump piñata fell from the ceiling. At that moment all of the fans on stage gave that piñata the beating of a lifetime. Within seconds all that was left was a lonesome Donald Trump head and the fans were cleared off so the much-anticipated track could be sang in all its glory. As soon as YG kicked off his huge political banger F*ck Donald Trump another friend of his by the name of G-Eazy took the stage to finish off the show and show some love to the fans.

YG’s homecoming was one to remember. Showing your local family love by putting on a show beyond expectations is what we all hope for when seeing any musical mastermind in today’s age. As always, Red Bull continues to curate unforgettable shows across LA for the month of November. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the 30 Days in LA shows, you best clear that calendar for 2017 because not only are you missing some of the biggest names in music, but you’re also missing out on some absolutely stellar cookies to top off each show. ‘Till next time Red Bull!