New York producer Codes has released an official visual compliment to the title track of his Bumps EP.

The “Bumps” music video not only illustrates part of the artist’s critically acclaimed EP,  but also pays homage to Codes’ hometown, Brooklyn. A psychedelic infusion of urban life and comical animated elements, the “Bumps” music video is not something you will soon forget. Exploding with color, a hypnotic baseline, and bizarre visual effects, the combination of this visual and aural content is quite a stimulating experience.

The track itself brings an upbeat house rhythm with a funk twist. Littered with peculiar musical characteristics,”Bumps” experiments with eccentric vocal samples, distorted instrumental components, and rumbling bass .

The “Bumps” EP was released in early November through Atlanta record label Psycho Disco. Since its premiere, “Bumps” has already received 122K plays. Watch the “Bumps” music video above.