Born in Bangladesh, Sajeeb Saha is the mighty man behind the inimitable style and moniker: Jai Wolf.

When “Indian Summer” starts, it reminds me of all those summer nights I had when it was first released. Hearing it during this EP session, I realized that it is and was always meant to be a part of something bigger. “This Space In My Heart is For You” sets the tone for Kindred Spirits early on; and “Indian Summer” guides the wonderful world of Kindred Spirits that Jai Wolf  created.

“Gravity” starts out with classic R&B vibes under the vocals of JMR. With the addition of a keyboard synth and percussion patterns, the song ventures into its electronic zone. JMR sings, “Why should I pretend that gravity would suddenly surrender? It’s just human nature,” that give the track a sincere sound. The leading single on the track, “Like It’s Over” (feat. MNDR) is the most indicative Jai Wolf track on the EP. This song truly solidifies Jai Wolf as a musician. It has a unique melody that guides the song throughout.

Then, “The World Is Ours” hits you in the face high pitched vocal goodness. The second lead up to the chorus features an amazing keyboard tag and is a generally great build. “Drive” featuring Chain Gang of 1974, closes out the EP with a magical melody. It narrows the scope of Kindred Spirits back to its beginning — a musical journey complete. In essence, Kindred Spirits is a focused, well-crafted EP that is difficult to define.

To describe it in a phrase: so Jai Wolf.

Now, in the music community, we never toss that term around lightly: “musician” — especially when it comes to EDM.  We don’t throw it at every wazoo that makes a remix or even some of the top acts that sell shows. That’s because being a musician takes more than selling or creating music. It designates someone who is a designer and originator in their class. To me, Jai Wolf is the maestro of his EP Kindred Spirits in a way that demonstrates his dedication to his craft. Growing up as a musician and staying dedicated to his calling has helped him get here. And it has paid off immensely.

All the praise aside, Jai Wolf still has a long way to go before he is solidified the way Tiesto and Benny Bennasi are, but he’s definitely on his way. I’m happy to let his Kindred Spirits pave that path.

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