Seattle’s indie pop rock group Duke Evers premiers first full-length album, “Velvet Hips”, through Randm Records on Nov. 18.

Rooted in the city famed for rock and roll, Duke Evers is sewing their sound into the Seattle music legacy with their new album, “Velvet Hips.” A dynamic combination of indie pop rock and eccentric style, this group is as talented as they are charming. With an unforgettably original sound and an electrifying onstage presence, Duke Evers embodies what it means to be 21st century rock stars. Flaunting a killer wardrobe, flamboyant dance moves, and a fiery passion for what they do, Duke Evers brings a spectacular performance wherever they go.

A local favorite, the band has been taking massive strides in the past year. Snagging bookings at iconic Seattle festivals such as Bumbershoot and Capitol Hill Block Party, Duke Evers is constantly proving that they are on the move. An eclectic collaboration of three extraordinary musicians, Duke Evers is composed of lead vocalist Josh Starkel on the guitar, Kyle Veazey on the drums, and Dune Butler on bass and keyboard. Both Butler and Veazey also provide additional vocals for the band. The identity of the group was inspired during a Rocky marathon by a Rocky Balboa’s trainer, Duke Evers.

“There was a point that they show his name on a plaque in one of the movies and we looked at each other and said it out loud,” said Veazey. “It stuck and here we are.”

Colorful and spirited, “Velvet Hips” is the dazzling ray of sunshine in a gloomy Seattle winter. A collection of 11 new tracks, “Velvet Hips” is overflowing with personality and distinguishable pieces.

“I don’t know if I could choose one song to call my favorite on the album. Each tune accomplishes something different,” said Butler. “However, I do think a few songs have different pivot points in the sound we were trying to capture.”

A cohesive infusion of diverse music, “Velvet Hips” incorporates musical elements from all across the board. Boasting impressive vocal range and variety, lively acoustics, and a contagious dance rhythm, this album is sure to put a smile on your face and a sway in your step. The album’s title track, “Velvet Hips,” offers a lush and vibrant soundscape that provides an overall backdrop for the entirety of the record. The song “Shake It Down” sets itself apart with a deep and groovy composition decorated by captivating synth and vocal melodies. My personal favorite, “Chelsea,” radiates positive energy and a melody that you’ll be glad to have stuck in your head for days. The album’s finale, “Delusioning,” is enveloped in a mesmerizing sound, allowing for a window into a darker, psychedelic space with its unique sonic landscape and chromatic harmony.

A year in the making, the new album is set to debut at Duke Evers’ release party on Friday, Nov. 18 at Seattle venue, Chop Suey. As if the night could get any better, the group has recruited some of Seattle’s top performers to celebrate. Fauna Shade, The Hollers and Tekla Waterfield will join Duke Evers on stage for the release party.

The production of “Velvet Hips” began after the group signed with Californian record label Randm Records in 2015. After finishing up writing in Seattle, the band cruised down to San Diego to record. Veazey recalls the experience of production in a new environment to be his favorite part of the album’s creation.

“Every day we got to explore new ways to push ourselves sonically. This in turn helped develop how we play and write together,” said Veazey. “It was incredibly fun. Kickin’ it on the beach everyday ain’t bad either!”

Whether they are wrapped in gigantic fur coats preforming for sold out crowds, or spending time in the studio, Duke Evers is a glowing representation of the indie pop rock scene. Having had the pleasure of seeing the band preform this summer, there is not a doubt in my mind that Duke Evers is the next big name to come out of Seattle.

Listen to “Velvet Hips” on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify!