One cult hit is about to resurface in a major way.

The Danish disco:wax just released a rework of Tony Igy’s viral song “Astronomia.”

Never officially released, the song debuted on YouTube in 2014, immediately getting the attention of fans of its “tribal percussive shuffle” and creative use of synth and dubsteb. The original song achieved over 15 million plays.

The new release will feature a reworking by Vicetone, a name that’s very familiar with hot remixes.

Vicetone added their signature style, incorporating new contemporary elements while maintaining the core of the original version. The Dutch duo said they’ve received killer reactions to the new jam.

“The simplicity of the melody and the production make it hit so damn hard in the clubs and on big festival systems,” they said. “The reactions we’ve gotten when playing this track have been unbelievable. It’s always one of the highlights of our sets.”

Check out the song here.