Kick off your weekend with new releases from Jai Wolf, Autolaser, Punctual, and Lone.

It’s been a stellar week for music with the premiere of four brand new tracks by four incredible artists. With three new singles released yesterday, Lone’s remix of Kllo’s “Bolide” went live on Tuesday on SoundCloud. The London producer has completely transformed the original track into something much more substantial when it comes to musical elements. While Kllo’s “Bolide” was considerably minimalist in structure, Lone’s flip brings heavy synths, altered vocals, and a danceable beat. Lone’s subtle inclusion of the pan flute almost gives the track a tropical vibe.

In terms of Friday’s premiers, listeners should prepare to be wowed by the marvelous sound of Jai Wolf’s “Like It’s Over” (feat. MNDR), Autolaser’s “OffOffOfff”, and Punctual’s “Fix”.

To begin with, Jai Wolf continues to please his fans with the release of  alluring new single, “Like It’s Over” (feat. MNDR) on Mom+Pop. While the song can be still be recognized by Jai Wolf’s playful sound, the track explores the new musical trend of retro synth pop with the addition of 80’s synths and big percussion. MNDR lends her vocal talent to the track, with her emotional lyrics describing a story of desperation and longing. “Like It’s Over” will be included on Jai Wolf’s upcoming EP Kindred Spirits out Nov.18 on Mom+Pop.

Next up, Autolaser’s “OffOffOff” debuted on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective Friday morning. The new single boasts a gorgeous acoustic guitar introduction before moving into a danceable rhythm composed of light percussion, shakers, and a floaty downtempo beat. Faint vocals echo throughout the track, giving it a delightfully dreamy feel.

Finally, Punctual’s “Fix” is the cherry on top of this week’s string of premiers.The song is carried by a colorful piano riff with a contagious dance beat. The track itself is pretty mellow but maintains a fun upbeat rhythm decorated with vocal samples and brass instruments. If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind, this song is the perfect remedy.”Fix” is a sure-fire indicator that Punctual is one to watch. The track can be found on SoundCloud.