In the rising space of dance music today, there is one person that has been an influential voice in keeping the world informed. Billboard’s senior editor Matt Medved recently met up with Billboard Radio China to have an in-depth discussion about the evolving industry of dance music, touching upon points like Asia’s flourishing music audience to Billboard’s outreach to those markets.

“I want Billboard Dance to be reaching new audiences, audiences we haven’t reached before. I’ve got my eye on Asia, absolutely. China and India are massive markets that are still emerging in dance music. I want Billboard Dance to be positioned as a global brand. I’m very interested in ensuring that Billboard Dance is a trusted and available resource in countries like China, India, Japan and South Korea.” – Matt Medved

Medved also gives his two cents on the closing of Fabric in London and the music industry’s current confidence on new digital platforms and streaming to expand artist success. Get your full reference to the interview >here<.