Portugal’s Boom Festival 2016 is getting the biggest structure ever created by the masters at the Do LaB.

Every two years at the Idanha-a-Nova Lake in Portugal, the land transforms into the Boom Festival. This 2016, the Do LaB traveled across the globe from L.A. to collaborate with Vita-Motus on their greatest engineering trump to date – the Boom Dance Temple.

Any other stage ever created is already inferior in size and magnitude. The Boom Dance Temple is a reflection of bold architecture, inspired designs and ten full months of preparation. Totaling at 50,000 square feet, the Temple is equal to two and half “Big Fish.” (The signature Do LaB Stage at Coachella).

The Temple is the largest pulsating soundscape ever created at a music festival. From the combined work of team members from Germany, Mexico, Scotland and beyond, the crew worked tirelessly to make this Temple a reality at Boom Festival 2016.

Do LaB co-founder and lead builder Josh Flemming recollected on some of the obstacles that occurred during the Boom Dance Temple’s construction,

“One of the biggest challenges at first is the language barrier…Everyone speaks some form of English but it’s challenging at times to know that we are all on the same page and fully understand each other. After a week you start to realize that everyone on the team understands what’s going on and you can confidently move forward.”

After overcoming these challenges, the Do LaB team faced hellish heat and strict deadlines, but in the end defeated adversity to bring the Temple to life. Drawing from natural elements, the Do LaB has set a new bar for stage design. Additionally, they have continued to hone their vision of animal-inspired concepts in a Zoomorphic style.

As the Do LaB continues to create and innovate, we look forward to what is in store for Lightning in a Bottle 2017 and this year’s Boom Festival.

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