Once again, Symbiosis Gathering was one of the most remarkable, unforgettable festival experiences we’ve had. Nothing compares to this extravagant music and arts festival.

This year one of the most memorable portions of the festival was the swimbiosis stage. During the Desert Hearts showcase, everyone was embracing the dust and partying in the water. It was a beautiful experience full of heart racing techno, and groovy house music. The rest of the weekend was full of wonderful times splashing at the swimbiosis stage and dancing in the dust during sunset with some of the most beautiful, down to earth people.

One of the biggest hits of the weekend was the art dome with Android Jones’ visuals projected onto the ceiling.

The line for this art installation was a mile long. It was one of the most insane visual experiences provided at Symbiosis Gathering. There were so many breath-taking and interactive art installations by the hard working artists selected to showcase at this festival. There were even installations you could climb in, such as the the tie-dye heart located in the middle of the camp grounds. It looked like a stick man with a heart for his head, about 20ft tall. The heart part of the installation lit up with different colors and was incredible to sit inside.

Another amazing art installation were the rafts out in the water that had nets you could sit in! Attendees were able to swim out to these installations and hang out inside of them while floating in the middle of the reservoir. One of the most extravagant parts of this festival was how much they utilized their surroundings. Everyone was encouraged to bring art boats and fun floaties to inhabit the water surrounding the festival. There was even a massive art boat in the middle of the peninsula where Ardalan played at! It was one of the craziest water parties to ever exist.

Every year we attend Symbiosis Gathering, we are completely blown away by the underrated talent booked for this festival.

If you aren’t familiar with the majority of the lineup for this festival in the future, have no fear and trust that the talent department for Symbiosis has got your back. No festival compares to the diversity of Symbiosis. It is an experience you do not want to miss out on. Next year we will be gathering again in Oregon for the Oregon Eclipse! Don’t sleep on getting your tickets for next year’s gathering.