Symbiosis 2015 was unlike anything we could have prepared ourselves for, here are some wonderful aspects of Symbiosis to get yourself ready for one of the greatest gatherings in Northern America.

Symbiosis Gathering takes place at one of the most beautiful festival grounds, the Woodward Reservoir in California. One thing to prepare for at this location is LOTS of walking (and I mean lots!) so bring some supportive shoes to wear around, or even better yet.. A bike would come in handy! There are so many breath-taking things to see at this festival from art installations to improv stages; so it’s important to take care of your bodies and have sufficient energy to get the full experience of this festival!


For good measure, bring something to cover your mouth from the dust. Even though we will be right next to water, it’s still very dry and dusty. Aside from the dust, the weather is incredible. Temperatures get as high as 100 degrees, but luckily you will be surrounded by an abundance of water to cool off in.

One of the most unique aspects of Symbiosis that sets it apart from any other festival are the art boats/rafts the attendees design and bring to the festival. The “Swimbiosis” stage is almost completely surrounded by water and funky music where people can enjoy each other’s company, relax, and jam out in their art boats. This is a fantastic way to cool off during the day and meet amazing individuals while still joining in on the musical festivities.

Every year the creators of Symbiosis Gathering strive to book some of the most intelligent and inspirational speakers.

It is highly recommended to attend at least some of these speaker’s workshops as you may encounter a speaker who truly reaches out to you. The speakshops featured this year will feature Wade Davis speaking about why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world, Winona La Duke on multicultural democracy, and many more! Not only will this lovely festival be featuring speakshops & luminaries, but a wide variety of yoga workshops. Spending your festival morning doing yoga with Symbiosis’ hand picked instructors is the most relaxing way to start off your day. This year the festival will be featuring famous instructors such as Suzanne Sterling, Saul David Raye, and Yoga of Bass with Claire Thompson & David Starfire. Even if you haven’t done yoga before, these workshops are incredibly informational and easy to jump right into!


And as for visual arts, this year Symbiosis is featuring some world-renowned visual artists such as, Android Jones, Luis Tamani, and Mugwort. These artists have been asked to grace many festivals around the world with their elaborate creative abilities. Their art is something you will not want to miss out on, Android Jones has been the visual artist for the great Tipper for years and has been featured as his visualist for many of his performances. Tamani’s artwork originates from the Amazon Rainforest and caught the eye of many event companies resulting in them flying Tamani out to demonstrate his artwork to the festival’s attendees. Last year there was an entire lit-up dome that featured all of the visual artists on the lineup for that year. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what they bring this year!

Last but not least, Symbiosis 2016 is bringing you one of the most diverse festival lineups of the year. Ranging from indie to house music, they’ve got you covered. Some of the headliners that are highly anticipated are Warpaint, FKA Twigs, and Santigold. It’s not everyday you see these names on your favorite festival lineup. Warpaint is an all girls indie band who put out some amazing tracks such as ‘Undertow, Billie Holliday, and Love is to Die’ (if you haven’t heard of them be sure to check them out). Every attendee will get their fix of their favorite music this year at Symbiosis. We are really looking forward to the Desert Hearts showcase featuring Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop. There are many artists to see on this lineup, which is why we slapped together a playlist for this year’s lineup!

Be sure to check it out here: