Rising electronic music artist Slushii thrilled fans with the releases of his new single “To Say Goodbye” Friday morning.

Similar to some of  Slushii’s previous releases, “To Say Goodbye” will be immediately recognized by the producer’s signature melodic synths and animated energy. Though the new track stays true to Slushii’s colorful and upbeat style, it also demonstrates his consistent effort to experiment with new sounds and genres. While some of Slushii’s recent singles have been considerably bass heavy, “To Say Goodbye” definitely reminds us of the artist’s sugary side. Lead in by a charming piano riff, “To Say Goodbye” is decorated with vibrant vocaloids, cheerful progressive synths, and a beat that could get anybody up and moving. Upon the release of the new single, Slushii shared the significance of the song with his fans.

“‘To Say Goodbye’ is a song I recently made while going through some tough times so I hope you guys enjoy it as it means a lot to me. ”

Slushii is currently gearing up for his nationwide “Brain Freeze” tour.