A Sound From The Clouds

Trevor Christensen, better known as Said The Sky, is a producer and masterful music engineer hailing from the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado. Now I started off by telling you where he’s from because after hearing a few of his melodic masterpieces you might actually just think he is sent from above.


From curating some of the most favored future bass tracks to absolutely smashing remix after remix, he is an unstoppable one man army ready to invade your body, mind and spirit with his heaven-sent sound. Just this past week I had the pleasure of seeing him bring the heat to Los Angeles for a late-night fiasco that anyone in the surrounding area would have been foolish to miss. The energy and excitement Said The Sky brought to the stage is something that few get to witness behind the decks. While he hopes you are having as much fun as possible, you can guarantee he is making sure it is fun on both sides of the speakers.

Not only was I given the opportunity to witness him melt the mind’s of Angelino’s from all over, but I also sat down with Trevor for a one-on-one interview to learn about the mind behind the melody. Huge thank you to Said The Sky for sitting down with us to answer some questions.


Let’s kick this off with the basic beginner’s question. Where did the name Said the Sky originate from?

Said The Sky came about a few years ago when I was laying on the roof of my car, waiting for some friends to show up. I was wondering what it would be like if the sky made sound. Would it be more of a spiritual, individual experience? Would it be completely arbitrary sound everyone heard the same? The idea intrigued me for some reason, and helped me with the whole “Said The Sky” idea.

How old were you when you first found yourself so involved with producing music?

When I was a senior in high school I got into a digital audio production class. Half my day during school was spent working in pro tools and learning about recording/production techniques. At that point I knew it was something I wanted to invest my time in.

It seems Denver breeds some serious talent. Were you born and raised there or did you find your way there over the years?

Born and raised! I spent a year in Boston during college, and that was all I need to know that Denver is where I wanted to be.

Darling has to be an all-time favorite of mine and after almost 5 million plays on SoundCloud I would say I am not alone on this one. What was it like making the song? How long did it take until you were ready to unleash it to the world?

So glad you love the tune! Darling for me honestly started out as me just experimenting with sound design. I was listening to Moody Goods remix of Fall In Love by Slum Village, and was in love with the sounds in the drop. I was playing around with different ideas and ways to get that sort of sound, and somehow that turned into the drop of Darling. Once I had the drop, I started building out the rest of the song, and was very inspired by M83 at the time, which helped figure out the vibe for the whole intro. Once the instrumental was done, it was months before I had heard I Run To You by the talented Missio. I knew he could write something perfect for the track so I hit him up, sent the track, and he wrote the vocal that is what it is today.

Speaking of vocals, you are sure to include them in tons of your work. Would you say its one of the more important characteristics you try to include in your productions?

When I first started writing music, vocals were the last thing on my mind. I was so much more focused on melodies, chords, harmonies… It wasn’t until recently that I really started seeing just how powerful vocals could be. They can completely change, and even solidify a message in the music that sometimes just notes can’t do on their own.

I was lucky enough to get a face time call during your set at Moonrise and you really had the place packed, how did that feel?

Moonrise was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Playing in front of that many people and seeing just how powerful and moving music can be helped confirm what I’m doing with my life. Music means everything to me, and being able to share it with that many people is something I’ve only ever dreamed of.

What other shows/festivals have been some of your most memorable?

Recently I went out with my friend Nick (Illenium) out to Washington to catch his set at Paradiso. Last minute somebody couldn’t make it, so I was invited to play a b2b set with him that day. Being up there with one of my best friends, looking out to see the sunset over the Gorge, and playing/listening to some beautiful music was an experience I’ll never forget.

Who are some of your biggest influences in music?

Lately my influences are kind of all over the board. I’ve been listening to this dude Kid Froopy, and this other dude FRND. Awesome happy vibes. Illenium will always be somebody I look up to. He has such an amazing ear for music, and always seems to know exactly what notes should go where. Nothing short of inspiring.

The burning question everyone wants to ask, what new projects do you have in the works?

Right now I have a few things I’m trying to wrap up. A couple collaborations with artists that have always helped inspire me, a few originals I’m really excited about. I’ve also been working on a new live set I can’t tell you too much about, but everyone will know more about very soon.

When you’re not on the road and have some time to chill out, what are your favorite things to do?

Generally my time at home is spent either in the studio or playing video games. Lately I’ve been getting into Parkour again (lol) and personally I think its just a great and fun way to stay in shape and active. I’ve never been one to be interested in going to the gym and aimlessly lifting weights, so this helps keep me active and gets me off my ass.

You’re stranded on an island and can only have three items with you, what are they and why?

My laptop, some sort of solar generator, and a nice pair of headphones. I’m sure I could find a way to build a shelter and hunt for food. And shit even if I couldn’t, at least I’d be on an island able to listen to music for the last few days of my life.

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