With the summer ending shortly, Klingande and M22 released a new melodic tropical house tune, ‘Somewhere New’ bringing a little bit of the sunshine vibes into Fall.

Cedric Steinmyller (Klingande) first released two melodic house singles ‘Losing U’, and ‘Punga.’ In fact, Klingande’s massive breakthrough came with his hit ‘Punga’ in 2013 when it ended up on the French Singles Chart, peaking at number 86. Ever since his massive breakthrough in the melodic house scene, he has been learning to include live aspects. This gives his music a more authentic and live feel. He has been an inspiration to many musicians for being experimental with his music production.

Klingande originally was a big room house producer and later on found his calling in melodic house music. After he began to make a name for himself in the tropical house world, he gained support from some of the most well known tropical house musicians: KygoBakermat, and Klangkarussell.

With the recent increase in popularity for tropical house, Klingande is in high demand for bookings. The melodic house producer has been traveling all over the world for bookings the past year. With this release with M22 the demand will continue to grow.

Known to bring out live instruments into his sets including the saxophone, violin, harmonica, his live performances are an excellent experience.

He has performed at massive music festivals all around the world such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, TomorrowLand in Belgium, and TomorrowWorld. 

Be sure to check out his amazing new track ‘Something New’ featuring beautiful vocals and incredible melodies. Follow his SoundCloud to stay updated with future releases.