Punctual dropped their debut track “Eva.” This hypnotic journey just went old-school house, and I’ve never felt so fresh.

Consisting of songwriter and DJ duo Will Lansley and John Morgan based out of Britsol, Punctual is the real deal. “Eva” is the new UK duo’s first ever single. Taking note from Floating Points, Todd Terje and others, the duo paved their way into the local DIY music scene.

After making music together and playing DJ sets, they capitalized on their innovation. Stealing like artists from every inspiring genre: garage; classical; electronic. They gathered their powers and created rich, vibrant music.

Their inimitable sound is refreshing. They truly squeeze some modern juice on traditional House music. The build up from two minutes in, lifts higher and higher until the sound is so high you can see the stars. Then, they fill the space with sexy magic. The vocals have an almost Hindu sound to them. Rather, the song feels mystic and ethereal. I can’t wait for more Puntcual.