Breakaway Music Festival 2016: Day 2

The opening day of Breakaway set the bar high for artists performing the next day. All that I could think about while walking back to the Ohio Expo Center was Chance The Rapper’s unbelievable set and if/how anybody else could follow a performance like his. There was a certain feeling of unity in the crowd while Chance was on stage. I was looking forward to seeing what other acts would be able to provide a similar effect.

When we got through the security gates…

Staff and security were herding the crowd toward the indoor Prime Stage, warning of an incoming lightning storm. Some fans resisted, but eventually made their way after hearing that no artists would be allowed to perform on the Main Stage.

I never went into the Prime Stage during the first day of the festival, so I was absolutely blown away when I first went in. Every occupant at Breakaway (or very close to every occupant) was crammed into this warehouse-like structure because of the storm. As one giant group, we enjoyed Lost Kings’ electrified rave-like ambiance.

The crowd was hyped following the Lost Kings’ set, but many people were already prepared for a rest. Young Thug came on soon after and every patron filled the metal mansion that was the Prime Stage.

We, among other fans, would occasionally leave the Prime Stage to check the status of the Main Stage. With only a single artist performing, we wondered how Prime Social Group would tackle the challenge of a delay during the festival.

Then, the weather began to clear up, and just as quickly as it has stopped, Breakaway restarted. Security finally opened the gates to the Main Stage and everyone flooded into general admission with nothing else in mind but getting the spot of their dreams in the front row. The MC informed us of the adjusted line-up due to the weather. Though, spirits were still high despite the fact that some artists like Ookay unfortunately couldn’t perform.

When Gryffin came on, the crowd was more than ready to get back to raging. His visual effects included beautiful mountains and his trademark flaming Griffon. His set was filled with booming bass beats and powerful treble that created an enjoyably full sound throughout.


Benny Benassi

Next, the wildly tenured Benny Benassi came on stage. Commanding attention early on with bouncing beats and good vibes, Benny Benassi made it clear that he was there to have fun as well. He delivered what the crowd was looking for to prepare for Ty Dolla $ign. Wrapping up his set with his party classic “Cinema,” Benny Benassi made the experience an excellent one.

Ty Dolla $ign’s set was one to be reckoned with, to say the least. The first thing Ty Dolla $ign did was walk on stage holding a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Then he put it to his lips and took a long pull. Grabbing the microphone and yelling, “Breakaway! We survived the storm!”, the crowd knew he meant business. Nobody in the audience was slowing down either. Things got even more interesting later on when Ty took the microphone and began talking about how he brought a friend with him to contribute to his act.


Ty Dolla $ign

It was at this point that Towkio made his way on stage and was met with thousands of screams of excitement. Towkio got fans jumping again with Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere.” Then he thanked the crowd and left the stage as quickly as he appeared. By the end of Ty Dolla $ign’s set, there was one song that the audience was waiting, screaming and begging for: “Blasé.” Before the first few tones of the song’s iconic intro had a chance to play, audience members went totally berserk. Jumping up and down, arms in the air, it was crazy. Ty finished his set by walking along the front row to meet some of his devoted fans. Classic.

RL Grime was the headliner for the second night, and he alone delivered a performance worth a thousand words. Early on, he played his popular remix to the Weeknd’s, “The Hills” to amp up the crowd, and then launched into his more edgy tracks. RL Grime performed long into the night, and as the night became more apparent, so did his lasers and visual effects. His finale was a fantastic spectacle. Blasting his famous song “Core”, the audience lost their minds. The apotheosis came when mosh pits and dance mobs simultaneously converged. Thus, our brains melted by the power of his awesome bass.

Overall, Breakaway Music Festival was an incredibly enjoyable and well-coordinated experience. The mixture of talent was excellent, with acts ranging from soulful Hip-Hop to deep EDM. The lightning storm was an unfortunate occurrence. But Prime Social Group did an excellent job recovering from the rain delay.

10/10 I would buy another ticket and one for a friend.