We would have never guessed upon first hearing about 16-year-old Callie Reiff that her sound style would turn out to be downright mental. The New York up-and-coming artist has a fervent taste for music that seems well beyond her years, but with one listen to her bone-rattling, chaos-inducing bass sound, there’s no denying that this girl has some serious talent. Her constant performances across the east coast have led her to bump shoulders with today’s many notable DJs, including a heated back-to-back with Mija in New York two months ago and a set at the OWSLAxNYFW showcase alongside Skrillex.

Now Callie is ready to further her career with a brand-new EP, announcing the project with its first track, “Shadow Dancing.” In true Callie-fashion, the track leaves new excuses with its full and kinetic bass scrapes, patchy percussion, and cacophonic synth-work. “Shadow Dancing” is her second release off the renowned Fool’s Gold label, following her standout track, “Wobble.” With more music on the way, we’re certain that Callie Reiff will be playing nationally in no time.

Listen below and get a taste of Callie Reiff’s new EP, coming out October 14th.