Meticulously invented within the walls of his Brooklyn studio, Shy Layer’s self-titled debut LP Shy Layers has finally seen the light of day.

The musical embodiment of virtuoso JD Walsh, Shy Layers began nearly a year ago. The imaginative manifestation of Walsh’s aspirations, the Shy Layers LP, shows clear evidence of the producer’s roots in Brooklyn and Atlanta. Bright and beautifully technical, this album combines glowing vocals with retro synths and melodic pop. Shy Layers was released August 12 as a vinyl only release via Growing Bin Records, a European music blog turned online record store. In addition to producing his music, Walsh also records his own vocals and instrumental tracks. Some of the live instruments heard on the Shy Layers LP include the triangle, drums, bells, and guitar.

Prior to the Shy Layers LP release, Walsh was known for his first two EPs, “Shy Layers” and “2”. “Shy Layers” is a unique mixture of 80’s R&B, African highlife, and rock and roll.“2” incorporates exotic percussion and modular synth. Excitingly enough, following the release of “2” earlier this year, a music video for it’s track “Stabilized Waves” was recently made available online. Although both EPs are distinctive from the other, they can be undoubtedly recognized by Walsh’s signature pop minimalistic sound. The Shy Layers LP is composed of music from both “Shy Layers” and “2” while also introducing exclusive new singles such as “SEG” and“ Too Far Out”.

Before he was Shy Layers, the life long musician worked in sound as well as sculpture, video, and painting. Walsh has exhibited his artwork at international art galleries and has been featured in renowned magazines including Artforum, Flash Art, and Sculpture Magazine.

Listen to Shy Layers’ “SEG” — 


Listen to Shy Layers’ “Too Far Out” – 


Watch “Stabilized Waves” Video – 


Shy Layers Track Listing:

A1. Black And White

A2. Famous Faces

A3. You Won’t Find Me

A4. Stabilized Waves

A5. Too Far Out

B1. Holding It Back

B2. Playing The Game

B3. Bees And Bamboo


B5. 1977

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