Vicetone is a name in electronic music that’s risen through the ranks quickly.

Including three years in the DJ Mag Top 100 and a myriad of top 10 singles, featuring songs like “I’m On Fire” and “Pitch Black,” the Dutch duo has had huge success in recent years. Their song “United We Dance” was featured in festivals all over in 2015, including being a staple for Ultra Miami. The pair hasn’t stopped in 2016, coming out with fire tracks like a remix of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and their catchy beat “Nevada.”

Vicetone is back with “Anywhere I Go,” a tune perfect for closing out the summer. The duo’s signature orchestral elements add to the hypnotic bass line and the catchy synth to create a song that captures your attention after one listen. Released on Spinnin’ Records, the song is an infectious mix of strings and beats that maintains a mellow vibe.

Check out “Anywhere I Go” and grab your download here.