Todd Terje makes his way to the US, closing out a sweet and short North American Tour with The Olsens.

Everyone in San Diego better prepare themselves for a night of disco dynamite. Otherwise, you should be attending FYF festival in Los Angeles before he returns to Europe! With a delectable debut LP in 2014, ‘It’s Album Time’, we get a little taste of Todd’s character upon its 12 track enclosure. Anyone that’s been a long time fan will likely recall his most popular tunes like “Inspector Norse” alongside another classic fan favorite, “Strandbar”. Now fresh off the press in June, Todd Terje and The Olsens give us a taste of their newest work on their new 4-track EP, ‘The Big Cover-Up’.

Todd_Terje_Its_Album_TimeAnyone that’s particularly interested in anything Disco should be quick to the punch on these tickets (or you should be attending FYF on Saturday!) as its something that any eclectic music lover would be thrilled to witness. Who doesn’t love live music? Come watch Todd Terje jam out on his big red Nord while the rest of the band follows in tandem.

Here’s a little taste to you get ready. A live version of Delorean Dynamite that’s full of acidic bass-lines which evolve along their 20+ minute journey.

Get your tickets for the San Diego show here!