What comes to mind when you think of trap music? Is it UZCarnage? All those seasoned (but great) names that have done so much for the genre? But now, we’re paying close attention to NGHTMRE; who is predicted to blow up in the EDM scene.

Originally a man of finance, he struggled to brush off his need to create music. Crafting novel trap hits with the incorporation of R&B and Rock N’ Roll influences, NGHTMRE has steadily and quickly risen to the top of the EDM charts. He’s widely regarded as one of the most organic trap creators. Consistently sampling from the real world, he makes anything he wants. For NGHTMRE, the EDM game is a living and breathing thing.

“I try to bring a certain musicianship to it; that’s what I use to stand out among all those millions of songs.”

He is constantly elevating himself and his music to a different level entirely. Without a doubt, NGHTMRE will and is predicted to be the next EDM chart topper. Pay attention everyone, because this is a DJ with extreme talent.

The craziest part is that he has only two years on the EDM scene. Like I said, heed my words and check him out.

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