Kllo officially releases their music video for “Walls to Build.”

The Melbourne based duo released the track “Walls To Build” earlier this June in anticipation of their EP Well Worn, which comes out on August 5th. Now, with an official music video, the song picks up where it left off.

There are sensational gravitations for the eyes to follow in the video. The border is constantly black with moving and still images that capture the vibe of the song. From slow moving paint, to human lips and flowers and keyboards, the video is a tranquil but playful piece. In some respects, it’s almost like a old timey GIF mash-up with modern aesthetic appeal.

Directed and edited by Hamish Mitchell, viewers find themselves involved in different relationships with the video. With the ability to include multiple small screens inside the larger, we get a vintage/modern twist on the screen. In addition, the film seems almost 70mm, another hint that “Walls To Build” really is building from the past going “forward, forward, it’s all here.”

Overall, the addition of an official music video gives the duo some gravitas while we wait for the EP to drop. It shows Kllo are ready to hit the scene with psychedelic images and stellar sounds.

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