Schedule to be released July 22nd, Los Angeles newcomer Cade’s debut EP Care is already collecting a lot of hype. The 19-year-old producer/singer/songwriter has been hard at work honing his craft and producing a personal sound that’s proving to be a cut above the rest. Coming from Cade’s upcoming EP, his new eponymous single “Care” is a perfectly melded combination of dance music and R&B, and will have you quickly turning up your speakers to move and groove to the track’s mellow poolside vibes.

In collaboration with his friend Trevor Dahl of Cheat Codes, “Care” leads in with delicate introduction, as Cade merges pensive, escalating beats and a groovy undertone by placing the right amount of percussion under the track’s rich guitar rhythms. This first track off of his forthcoming EP relays a promising future for the young producer, and we’re sure that we’ll be hearing more of Cade really soon. For those in Los Angeles, you don’t have to wait too long; Cade will have his debut live performance in Los Angeles at the El Rey on July 7th as a secret guest for Ramzoid.

‘Care’ is so cool to me because it mixes the emotion of R&B music with the dynamic elements of electronic dance music, creating a fresh sound that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

I worked on this song with my good friend, Trevor Dahl, who you may know from Cheat Codes. I always love working with him, because I feel that we have a very similar mindset when it comes to making music; so we work very well together creatively. I have so much respect for Trevor – both as an artist and as a person. Everything he touches turns to gold.” – Cade

Listen the single below or stream it on Apple/Spotify here.